Why do you share so much of you’re life? You’re not special.
Always posting about your runs. You’re not special.
Pictures of you’re kids? Not special.
The food you eat? You’re not special.
Wow, you went on a hike. You’re not special.
Got new running shoes. Not very special.
Rode your bike today? Not special.
You went to work today. Not special.
You’re. Not. Special.

You’re right. To most people I am not special. I don’t do super amazing things that the whole world wants to see. For the most part, I do every day things. I work, raise children, try to be a good partner, and as much as I possibly can I get outside and run, bike or hike. Not to any amazing extremes. Just enough to stay active and healthy.
However, to some people I am special. I have three amazing little boys that look up to me every day; and every day I make my best attempt at being the best for them that I can be.
I have an amazing partner that I get to explore life with that, at least I hope on most days, thinks I’m special.
I have parents, that to their detriment sometimes, think I’m special.
I have close friends and other family that in their own ways I am special.
So, why do I share? I share for them. I share for myself. I want to be able to one day look back with my children, my partner, my friends and family and have an actual account of the things we did and saw. The experiences we had. The things we tried. Hopefully to one day inspire my children to do the same and even more. To see that their father did try new things and take chances. Maybe not on some grand scale, but what I hope more so than the “average” person.
This is why I share. Because to those few, I am special, and they are special to me.
So share away friends. Someone out there is watching and looking to you to be inspired. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share. You don’t have to be special in the eyes of the masses. You only need to be special in the eyes of the ones that truly matter